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So I recently entered a local poetry competition, and apparently won a prize. I’m really chuffed! It was the Radcliffe Science Library Parallel Universe poetry competition, with the theme of science or medicine. You can read more about it here. I wasn’t able to be there at the reception event on 11th October (I was here doing my own event) but you can go see all the winning poems at the Library, during November (I think).

I wanted to write a piece about the breakdown of a family by using scientific theories. Here is the poem.


Family Unit


It’s probable

We are a well-established theory,

A proposal of unification of matter in 1972.

The magnitude of your unified decision

Cancels each other’s charges.

As gravity gathers its greatness

We escape the friction, your

Attraction, and repellent natures,

Your strange methods,

Objectives unwritten.

Your independent velocity

Displaces our elementary particles until

We are empty squares,

Poles opposite in electric air.

Our new observations gathered in

Hushed togetherness, in hiding.

Our childhood becomes a

Paper-thin palimpsest of

Skin and tears and open suitcases.

We are a puzzle to be dissected as we

Count the sand with little fingers.

In this complex new dimension, we are a

Matter of property

Travelling from A to B and back again

Always waving in one direction or another.

You, like light propelled

Not following the rules of constancy.

At least you returned to your original state;

For us it became unsolvable as you

Expressed our disorder.


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