The challenge was to put our name into an anagram generator, and create a self-portrait poem. I rearranged a select few results to create sort-of-poetry.

Here’s my real name:

Ah Anon Snob.
An Anon Bosh,
A Nab Hon Son,
A Ban Nosh On.
Bah An No Nos
Ban Ha! No Son
Nabs An. Oh No!
Ah An Snob No!
Bash Anon On,
Nab Ah Noons,
Nab Has Noon,
Nab An Shoon.

And here’s the closest thing I have to a pseudonym, ‘annacreates’:

A Cares An Ten
A Nascent Ear
A Narc As Teen
Satan Careen
Act Nae Saner
Act Nae Earns
A Scar Neaten
A Can Tears En
A Cat Ensnare
A Can Art Seen