Shall I compare thee to a Kindle*?

Shall I compare thee to a Kindle,
Your soft pages turned, not
Cast aside
Like falling leaves?
Shall I compare thee to a Paperwhite Display with
E-Ink Screen?
Your skin is ivory crisp in any light, the
Threads of papery veins woven through.
No High Definition Higher Contrast
PRS-T1 N2A 3G WiFi with
Even Illumination
In between your sleeves.
Give me your curves,
Your spine gently cupped in my
Hands, the
Goodnight kiss as we
Fall together,
A place unmarked by a fold or a slip of card,
But remembered.
Shall I compare thee to a 7-inch
E-reader with
Whispersync Technology, an absence of
Battery Anxiety?


Give me real ink and real paper, not a
Digital mockery.
Give me a Higher Resolution to
Keep my beloved books, each one a story
Of when I read it last, of when I heaved it from
House to house to
House in a box.
Shall I compare thee to a Kindle Fire from the
E-bookstore or shall I
Grip your covers more tightly around, knowing
I carry my library with me
In the pockets of memory?

*Other versions available from places on the Internet and in Shops.