The first poem, ‘All You Can Eat’, has been accepted for inclusion in the collection ‘NOTHING TO SAY’, for publication in Summer 2013 (more details). These two pieces were originally created for a submission last year with the theme of meat. There are also accompanying images here.

All You Can Eat

I am meat
My body, putty in your hands
I am meat
I am flesh infinitum
You rest your flaccid meat
Upon my moistened
Tightly sow-pursed lips.
Is the way to a man’s heart is
Through his meat?
I am meat
I am meat market
I am meat
I am All You Can Eat
Can I pummel you into
Skin-thin poultry breasts and
Devour you with meaty chops?
I am meat
But the flies prefer your bones.
I am meat
See my beetroot veins
The dull gristle
The drying stains
Under your finger nails
Your T-bone groin crushing
My wish-bone thighs.
I am meat
Swallow me whole and
Raw and
I am meat
And you continue to cheat me
Out of a little dark heat
A chargrill flash, if you will.
I am meat but
I am less branded than
The cattle slaughtered.
I am meat, left resting
I guess
Although the collapsing sinews

Lady Cadaver (every time you say goodbye)

Post-coital carcass
Warm liquid seeps into warm sheets
Your body sighs its last hot breath
The vinegar stench of fluid
A waterfall faucet
My stiff bristle whisper is lost
The final blink of an eye
The quiver of an eyelid
Could be a maggot-twitch
Your faded skin tone sings
As the flesh drops away beneath
An elastic snap of tendon
Blood is just a memory
And organs lie glinting
In whose juice