Part 1

He Devil

I like your smile, he said
He said, I like your style.

I smiled.
I said, I like your face, your lips,
Your teeth, your eyes, I said.

I want your arms around me now
He said, just here.
I’m at your feet, he said
To worship your beautiful form.

I said, that’s not me down there,
Look up, I’m here.

The essence of you is what I want, he said,
To breathe you in is what I need.
I want to touch the very heart of you,
Your solar plexus truth, he said.

I said, bless you, but
You want to feel my heart bleed out
Between your filthy fingers.

He said, I want to tear your soul apart
And fit the pieces together again.

You want to destroy my Self, I said,
And crush it beneath your thighs.

But how else will I know you, he said,
If we cannot build it together?

You’re tearing down the sky, I said, and
Threatening the air I breathe.
How can I grow with your fist upon my skull? I said.

Without me you will not grow, he said.
His horns began to show.
Without me you are nothing, he said:
Desperate, weak and slow.

I said, without me there is no purpose,
You cannot live on this soil alone.
His eyes burned bright and he struck me down.

My mouth sucked up the earth, grasped the air.
This is my essence, I said,
The ground you walk on with your primate friends.
I said, I am the fertile muck and blood upon which you feed.

His fists solidified into cloven hooves and
He rampaged for a while;
An ungainly heavy dance as I blessed my torn-away roots.

This dance you think you do for me, I said,
Is laughable to us.
You prance and shiver your hairy limbs whilst checking for the eyes upon you.

I do not hear, he said with force, as his strength
Washed him away.
He shrivelled and shrank until
His feeble paleness lay naked against the blood-red earth.

I said, I like your face, your lips,
Your teeth, your eyes, I said,
But not enough for that.

Part 2

She Devil

Come ‘ere, she said.
He did.