The delectable sunrise
That rose
Behind your eyes that day.
That day-
Do you remember?
What shining bright did you see
From your angular perspective?
Did you see the curling of the
Corners of my mouth
As I welcomed you in
And in?
Did you see the glistening shiver in
My own dark pupils
As I gaped open for you?
Was it your jugular touch that
Remembered me?
My heritage,
These dancing women,
Their whispering limbs,
Their teasing palms,
And their rhythm
The chain that hangs around my
Longing neck.

And I can see your dancers.
They catch my eye
And wink.
They catch my breath
And throw it to the wind.

Are you
As lost
As me?
Will you cling to me
With me
As the earth it swirls above
In turquoise immunity?

I shall cling to you, my breast against yours,
Your breath pouring onto me
Drying me out,
A desert rejecting
The rain.
Did you see
The flicker
As that moment passed us by?
Did you see me?
Did you see
Did you see?
And you laugh
And you drown
In my beauty
Here, it’s yours.
It’s all yours.