You stifle and punch
My twisted groin
And the river runs high and fast
Your fingers grasp
I fear the struggle will break me
Your brittle grip will break me
With your glutting cry
Your bubbling battle cry
In the pitch dirty darklight
Sheen of sweat sheen of fear
Black heat sears my flesh
And my teeth sing with the agony

You stifle and punch
And the heaving swell thrusts our spiralling skeletal
Down to the depthy green
The blackish grease from
Cast off bodies
Clinging to my dripping skin
As I in turn cling to your dripping claws

Deepish blackish green in situ
Still it lies, settled
Broiling fluidity of trailing raked-up drudge

This acidic menstruation
The blood runs through my hands like water
Your Dead Sea mind
Is fucking with mine