A kiss secured
By the blood in your
Alcohol stream.
I know how you taste
After sex,
I’ve licked your sweat
From my fingers,
I’ve kissed your scalp
The morning after,
Butter, from the toast,
On your lips.

I smell you
In corridors
On other men’s clothes;
A haze that follows
Borrowing my heart
For a while
Until the heat cools
Until the summer ends
Then your smell will fade
Like the smoke we inhaled

We told each other
What we liked in bed
And made promises of sex
At work
In your car.
They seem like lies
In this sober frame.

A misty ride,
A sudden end,
Too short-lived to be worth
A photograph.
These nights
And the shower water
That drenched us

I’m pulling you out of my chest
Tendon by tendon
I can feel the stretch
The tug.
The sway of my hips
And the shine in my eyes
Will never tell.
I find out about you
From other mouths,
Words I know already.

I’m leaving,
Memories in boxes
Sealed with tape
By my own hands.
You’ll be inside
I’ll trap you
And open it up
With scissors
When I want to go back.
I’ll always have you
And that look in your eyes.