Bollocks to this, I can’t be arsed,
Waiting around, you’re breaking my heart.
How many times? It’s just getting stupid.
What happened to love and that fucking Cupid?
The post has arrived and there’s nothing for me,
Oh sod it I’ll just have to wait and see
If you notice the next time we meet again
And you will repeat that we should be friends.

Bollocks to this, I’m getting pissed off,
You’re watching the football as it kicks off.
Half time, full time, I’m sat over here!
Hurry yourself up and finish your beer.
My place is empty, tonight of all nights,
And you’re talking to her, the girl with the tights.
It’s not really fair that you choose to ignore
The only one here who’s trying to keep score
Of every second we’ve had together,
Adding it up and wondering whether
It means as much to you as to me.
Oh bollocks to this, I’m going for a wee.